Steering Committee approves version 2.01 of the IATI Standard

  • Oct. 16, 2014

The IATI Steering Committee has now approved the upgrade of the IATI Standard to version 2.01. This follows 9 months of consultation which generated some great discussions amongst the IATI community – both technical and political.

The next steps for the Secretariat and Technical Team to roll out this latest version of the Standard are:

When is 2.01 released?

Version 2.01 will be formally released on Tuesday 21 October 2014. Developers implementing v2.01 can, from this date, assume a stable standard from which to work.

N.B. publishers should not publicly release files in v2.01 format before the ‘go live’ date (see below).

When does 2.01 go live?

Version 2.01 becomes a valid, publishable version on Tuesday 6 January 2015. The ‘go-live’ date has been deliberately delayed to allow users of IATI data to adapt their systems to consume the new standard.

First-line implementation support

The IATI Technical Team has developed three key resources to help publishers move to v2.01:

  1. An overview and checklist of the main changes in v2.01;
  2. Detailed guidance on migrating to v2.01;
  3. A detailed list of each individual change in v2.01.

Additionally, the Technical Team is available, via [email protected], to assist all publishers on a one-to-one basis.


Publishing tools, such as AidStream and CSV2IATI, will be upgraded to be compatible with version 2.01 so that publishers relying on these tools will be able to quickly and easily publish 2.01 data. We hope to complete this work by the end of 2014 in time for the go live date of 5 January 2015.