Data quality and visualisation

Find out how to check the quality of your IATI publishing and visualise your data. Your data must be of high enough quality to meet the needs of IATI data users.

We strongly encourage IATI publishers to increase the quality of their data over time. This includes ensuring there are no technical errors in your data, as well as improving its key qualities, making it more timely, comprehensive and forward-looking. This section explains how to check these aspects using the IATI Dashboard, and how to visualise your data using other tools.

In this section:

How to improve your data quality with the IATI Dashboard

Once you’ve published to IATI, a summary of your data will appear on the IATI Dashboard. You can use the Dashboard to check for errors in your data, see which elements you’re publishing and which ones you could include.

Once you’ve published to IATI, a s…

Ways of visualising IATI data

IATI data is in a machine-readable format which means it can easily be visualised through various digital tools.

IATI data is in a machine-readable…

Finding other organisations' identifiers

The inclusion of other organisations' identifiers within IATI activities allows users to trace the flow of funds from the original donors down to the intended beneficiaries.

The inclusion of other organisatio…