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IATI is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results to address poverty and crises.

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“Transparency is a cornerstone of our work at UNDP.”

Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator
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Development and humanitarian activities published to the IATI Standard


IATI publishers that contribute data for decision-making and accountability

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Find out how to publish data to the IATI Standard and improve your data by using our publishing guidance.

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View IATI reference pages that contain the rules and technical framework for publishing and interpreting IATI data.

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About IATI

IATI is a global initiative to improve the transparency of development and humanitarian resources and their results for addressing poverty and crises.

IATI brings together governments, multilateral institutions, private sector and civil society organisations and others to increase the transparency of resources flowing into developing countries.

We encourage all organisations that distribute or spend resources to publish information about their development and humanitarian activities using IATI’s data standard. This is a set of rules and guidance to ensure information is easy to access, understand and use.

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IATI in action

People all over the world use IATI to track the flow of aid, humanitarian and development resources. Some use IATI to publish their data, others access data to inform decision-making and hold authorities to account. Our case studies tell some of their stories.

Madagascar case study

The Government of Madagascar uses IATI data to discover millions of dollars of spending on development and humanitarian projects in the country, that were previously unknown to them.

Oxfam Novib case study

By publishing data on their spending to IATI, Oxfam Novib has strengthened their commitment to transparency, improved information for internal decision-making and showcased their development activities to the world through their online portal, Atlas.

Microsoft includes IATI Standard in Non-Profit tools

Microsoft has enabled users of their Nonprofit data model and Nonprofit Accelerator to publish IATI data easily.

Tools and resources for data use

IATI data can be accessed through various online tools and platforms providing different visualisations and formats. Users are encouraged to find the tool that best meets their data needs.


Search key IATI data on development and humanitarian activities. Data is presented in charts, graphs and maps. Recommended for users who are new to IATI.

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IATI Datastore

Use Datastore Search to download a wide range of IATI data in CSV, JSON and XML formats and access the Datastore API.

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Country Development Finance Data

Country Development Finance Data is an IATI tool that supports partner country data access needs.

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Join our community platform, IATI Connect to meet development and humanitarian practitioners, political advocates for transparency, open data experts and technical specialists across the globe. Discuss, learn and share insights on open data and transparency topics across borders and organisations.

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