New IATI Standard Guidance: results and conditions

  • Aug. 13, 2020

IATI has launched new guidance on publishing and interpreting data on the results and conditions of development and humanitarian activities using the IATI Standard. The new guidance follows the third consultation on Standard guidance with IATI’s community.

IATI community consultation

The third round of IATI’s Standard Guidance Review consultations took place in March and April 2020. The IATI Secretariat then paused work on the guidance pages to focus on creating IATI COVID-19 data use and publishing guidance. As with previous IATI guidance reviews, the IATI community was invited to provide feedback on draft guidance pages. The IATI Technical Team reviewed incoming feedback then held a webinar to discuss areas requiring further detail, which included exploring differing views and any best practice recommendations should be updated. Following the webinar, the IATI Technical Team updated the guidance, incorporating feedback received through the consultation process.

Results guidance

There are now two new guidance documents on how to use the IATI Standard to publish and interpret data on the results that development and humanitarian activities have achieved:

  • The results information guidance provides an overview of what results data can be published, how this data can be structured and highlights how this information is useful for data users.

  • The understanding results data guidance presents examples of how results data can be published based on a visualisation from IATI’s d-portal. This allows users to understand how to combine and interpret the range of data published as part of a result.

Conditions guidance

Data on conditions helps users to understand what requirements are attached to an organisation receiving funds. For example, these could be the requirements issued by a funder who requires a six month review to assess whether or not the activity is worth continuing. The following guidance received updates during the consultation process:

  • The conditions guidance explains why conditions are useful and what kind of conditions can be published in IATI.

Further details on next steps for the guidance documents can be found on IATI's online forum, Discuss.


For any questions or comments on the guidance documents, please email the IATI Technical Team: [email protected] or post a message on IATI Discuss.

Next steps

The Technical Team will continue to identify additional areas of guidance for the IATI community to review and feedback on. If you would like to be a part of the guidance review process, do let us know by emailing the team at [email protected]. Alternatively, keep an eye out on IATI Discuss and the IATI newsletter for additional information.

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