Website updates: Access IATI Standard information more easily

  • July 10, 2020

IATI’s website has been updated to include all information on the IATI Standard. Content previously held on IATI’s old Reference site has been added to, ensuring all information about the Standard can be easily accessed in one place.

All IATI Standard information now on

  • Technical documentation on all components of the IATI Standard (elements, attributes, schema, rulesets, upgrades etc.) can be found in the IATI Standard section of this website. Do note, as the IATI Standard version 1 was deprecated in 2019, all version 1 pages are kept as an archive within this section.
  • All guidance material (including setting up IATI accounts, how to publish data, Standard guidance and developer documentation) can be found in the Guidance and Support section of the website.

Old IATI Reference site

  • The old IATI Reference site has been archived and will be turned off in 6 months time on 3 February 2021.
  • However, from today users who access old links to the IATI Reference site, will be redirected to the new pages on

Users should note that no information on the IATI Standard that has been migrated from the old IATI Reference site has changed, however it has been reordered and re-structured on Updates have been made to content in the Guidance section of, following consultations with the community. These changes will make it easier and more streamlined for publishers and data users to find and understand information about the IATI Standard.

Additional Technical changes: IATI - GitHub

There have also been a few behind-the-scenes changes on IATI-GitHub to provide more flexibility in how the IATI Secretariat can use and display IATI Standard content. uses content on the Standard. Detailed technical information about these changes can be found on IATI Discuss.

The IATI Secretariat is committed to listening to feedback on the website and encourages users to email any questions about these changes to [email protected].