Supporting the TAG – get involved!

  • Feb. 5, 2016

We’re keen to hear from you on how we can get more people involved in supporting the work of IATI’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG), as part of new approaches to IATI’s governance. TAG chair, John Adams and our IATI Technical Team are keen to get your ideas on how IATI can expand support in two key areas:

  • Providing expert input into the evolution of the IATI Standard
    We want to attract more people with deep knowledge of the Standard to evaluate and provide advice on suggested changes. We currently gain expert input through consultation, and are considering establishing a more formalised ‘expert group’ to help articulate a vision for the Standard and work through proposals in more depth and with more rigour.
  • Community leaders driving adoption and use 
    We need to form communities of interest within IATI who will drive forward improvements that we care about, particularly in supporting the adoption and use of IATI data.

Please take a few moments to visit Discuss, IATI’s community discussion forum, to share your views and volunteer or nominate someone who would fit into either group.

Visit IATI Discuss …