IATI’s first Governing Board is established

  • March 21, 2016

IATI has a newly established Governing Board following a month long process of consultation and nomination.

Six organisations will join the new Board as representatives after consensus was reached on the nominations put forward in all three IATI constituencies. Congratulations to the following new representatives:

Civil Society Organisations(CSOs)/Other

  • Bond, represented by Sarah Johns, Transparency Adviser, with Michael O’Donnell, Head of Effectiveness and Learning, as alternate.
  • Publish What You Fund, represented by Rupert Simons, CEO, with Liz Steele, EU Representative, and Elise Dufief, Research and Monitoring Manager, as alternates.

Partner Countries

  • Bangladesh, represented by Mohammad Mejbahuddin, Senior Secretary, Economic Relations Division in the Ministry of Finance, with Monowar Ahmed, Chief of Development Effectiveness Wing as alternate.
  • Madagascar, represented by Isaora Zefania Romalahy, Statistician-Economist and Head of the Aid Coordination Permanent Secretariat within the Office of the Prime Minister, with Arison Andriatsitoaina, Statistician-Economist and head of the Analysis and Research (M&E) Unit within the same office, as alternate.

Providers of Development Cooperation

  • Canada Global Affairs Canada / Affaires mondiales Canada, represented by Stephen Potter, Director, Development Policy Planning, with Yohanna Loucheur, Senior Policy Analyst, as alternate.
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) represented by Timothy Takona, Senior Adviser/Chief for Performance Monitoring and Accountability, Field Results Group, with Sanjana Gaddam, Programme Specialist, as alternate.

These representatives will be joined by IATI’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Chair, John Adams, Head of Business Innovation at the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), to form the new Governing Board, which is scheduled to meet virtually on 29 March. One of the first orders of business at that meeting will be the election of a Chair and Vice Chair for the Board. The new Chair will also lead IATI’s annual Members’ Assembly meetings.

IATI’s Governing Board was set up as part of new governance arrangements agreed at the Steering Committee meeting in December, following recommendations put forward in a recent evaluation, and will help shape IATI’s new vision, brand, strategy and future hosting arrangements.