DI report reviews humanitarian publishing to IATI

  • June 12, 2017

IATI Secretariat member, Development Initiatives (DI) has launched a report analysing humanitarian activities published to IATI.

Implementing and monitoring the Grand Bargain commitment on transparency reviews progress made by humanitarian actors who committed to publishing to the IATI Standard at the World Humanitarian Summit 2016.

The 51 signatories to the Grand Bargain agreed to work towards greater transparency by improving the quality, availability and use of data on humanitarian funding to improve its effectiveness and enhance accountability.

DI proposes a methodology and monitoring framework to support organisations to measure their progress, as well as improvements to the IATI Standard to better meet the needs of humanitarian publishers and data users.

Key findings

The new baseline report assesses the extent to which the signatories are publishing their humanitarian data to IATI and shows there has already been considerable progress in just one year.

Out of the 51 organisations that signed up to the Grand Bargain:

  • 43% (22 organisations) are already members of IATI
  • 73% (37 organisations or their members or affiliates) are already publishing some data to the IATI Standard
  • 61% (31 organisations or their members or affiliates) are currently publishing humanitarian aid data to IATI

The findings show information on humanitarian funding is becoming increasingly available and the report calls on all Grand Bargain signatories to take steps to begin publishing their humanitarian assistance and continually improve their data quality.

The report uses IATI data published in a bespoke dashboard developed by DI to enable signatories to track their own progress against the commitment. The dashboard is publically available and is currently in beta version.

Download Implementing and monitoring the Grand Bargain commitment on transparency and find more information on this work on the DI website.