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  • Oct. 12, 2022

IATI’s Data Use Query Corner is now updated! Find more information on how to access IATI data on development financing and activities! This is a one stop location on IATI’s community platform: Connect where data users can:

  • learn how to query IATI data
  • ask questions to our Community
  • discover opportunities to engage with other data users

Visit the Data Use Query Corner now to find updated examples of queries on IATI data, using IATI’s Datastore Search and the Country Development Finance Data tool:

Pulling pre-processed financial data for specific activities

  • Scenario: Data user has found a list of relevant IATI activities and has their IATI Identifiers (e.g. from d-portal or IATI Datastore Search) and wants to get pre-processed financial data

Funding/activities related to specific health issues in country x with free-text search

  • Scenario: Research on international funding of certain health issues/disease focus.

Find organisations involved in humanitarian responses

  • Scenario: Local NGO looking to coordinate with other organisations by finding a list of organisations to engage with and who are supporting the humanitarian response in Lebanon.

External resources spent in specific quarter in country X

  • Scenario: The Ministry of Finance needs data on external inflows to provide to the Central Bank to feed into the quarterly calculation of Balance of Payments.

Share your queries

We encourage you to share your IATI data use cases! Simply fill out and submit this Data Use Query form or email: [email protected].

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