United States joins IATI

  • Nov. 30, 2011

Latest news from HLF4 in Busan this morning is that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that the United States has joined the International Aid Transparency Initiative.

Following similar announcements by Canadian CIDA, CDC, and the Inter-American Development Bank in Busan yesterday, this brings the total number of IATI signatories to 26.

The US is the world’s largest bilateral donor with annual aid commitments of $30bn. With CIDA and the US on board, IATI signatories now account for around 80% of global Official Development Finance[i].

The US has been engaged in the IATI process from the outset as an observer, and has already taken a number of steps to increase the transparency of its aid information, such as the launch of the US Foreign Assistance Dashboard.

Publication to IATI’s common, open standard will make this information much easier to find, use and compare. This in turn will help donors and developing country governments to plan and manage precious aid resources more effectively, and maximise the impact of aid in reducing poverty. And it will help parliaments, civil society organisations and citizens in both aid-giving and aid-receiving countries to hold their governments to account for aid spending.

If you are attending HLF4 and want to learn more about IATI, please contact our delegation:

Simon Parrish ([email protected], tel +82 1058 504 608) or

Isabel Bucknall ([email protected], tel + 82 1058 504 624)


[i] Or around 75% of Official Development Assistance