Technical notice: changes to IATI Datastore API

  • April 29, 2019

A new Datastore is currently being built to improve the access to IATI data published on development and humanitarian resources. The new tool will replace the existing Datastore, offering a robust online data service to access timely, standardised data published to the IATI Standard.

Please note upcoming API changes

The new Datastore will provide a wider range of IATI data than the current datastore provides, and will mean changes in both API calls and results returned. Whilst every effort has been made to minimise the changes to the existing Datastore API, IATI’s technical team is notifying users early about the upcoming adjustments.

New Datastore available in summer 2019

The new Datastore will be launched and available to use this summer. To allow plenty of time for users to adjust to the changes, the IATI technical team will continue to run the existing Datastore until the end of 2019.

Support to adjust to changes

IATI’s technical team is here to help publishers and data users and will provide useful instructions on the API changes in new documentation soon. It will outline the new parameters, possible queries and outputs, to help users move onto the new Datastore as smoothly as possible.

Further information

The IATI technical team is managing the outsourced build of the new Datastore by data visualisation company, Zimmerman and Zimmerman. For more information and to stay updated on developments regarding the new Datastore, please visit IATI Discuss.

To contact the IATI technical team directly about the upcoming changes, please email [email protected]