IATI datastore project gets underway

  • Nov. 20, 2018

In order to improve access to data on billions of dollars of development and humanitarian resources and results published by a steadily increasing number of publishers, the IATI Secretariat has moved ahead with its commitment to establish a new, improved datastore.

The new datastore will offer a robust online data service providing timely, standardised access to all data published to the IATI Standard. This data can help improve the planning, coordination and accountability of resources delivered by governments, development finance institutions, UN agencies, non-governmental organisations, foundations and private sector organisations.

Data visualisation company, Zimmerman and Zimmerman successfully bid to develop the IATI datastore and host it for (at least) the first year of operation. The project kicked off with a meeting between Zimmerman and Zimmerman and the IATI technical team in the margins of the recent IATI Technical Advisory Group meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Together, they discussed how to work to deliver a repository containing all usable data published to both the IATI Activity and Organisation Standards. The new datastore aims to provide a robust, timely and comprehensive data service to the following user groups:

  • Developers of management information systems and information products
  • Researchers and data scientists seeking to analyse the data
  • Publishers seeking to confirm that their data has been successfully loaded into the datastore

Information on the datastore project will be shared with the IATI community on a regular basis as it progresses.