Submit bid: Hosting and maintenance of Datastore Classic

  • Nov. 17, 2021

Under the IATI Data Use Fund (managed by UNDP on behalf of IATI’s Data Use Working Group), bids are invited to provide maintenance of the Datastore Classic for a period of up to twelve months.

The service provider is expected to ensure the uptime and stability of Datastore Classic for a period of up to twelve months.

Management of work

Datastore Classic will remain a community product, and the vendor will be supported by members of the IATI community on a voluntary basis. The IATI DUWG will form a sub-group to support management of the work. This sub-group will identify one or more people to work with the vendor on a day to day basis, flagging critical and non-critical bugs to the vendor, and determining development priorities. Github will be used for managing the development process.

Hosting for Datastore Classic

The vendor is requested to also provide hosting for Datastore Classic for an initial period of 6 months with a possibility of extension by an additional six-month period up to a total of twelve months. The vendor should provide a quote for hosting as a separate line-item.

Please see the United Nations Global Marketplace notice for full details.