Notice: Deprecation of Version 1 of the IATI Standard

  • Jan. 29, 2019

Version 1 of the IATI Standard is being deprecated on 30th June 2019. All organisations publishing data are strongly encouraged to move to Version 2.

What is deprecation?

Deprecation means something will no longer be supported. It does not mean it will be deleted or discontinued. In the case of the IATI data standard, this means that Version 1 will not be subject to any updates, outside of any essential security.

What will happen to data published to Version 1?

After 30 June 2019, links to data published to the outdated version will still remain on the IATI Registry.

What will happen to documentation for Version 1?

After deprecation, all documentation for Version 1 (reference pages and codelists) will be moved to a separate ‘deprecated section’ on IATI’s website for historic reference.

Why is the IATI Standard Version 1 being deprecated?

Version 1 contains outdated rules and guidance on publishing development and humanitarian data on resources and results. Version 2.01 was introduced in 2015 to add more rigour to the Standard and allow publishers to provide better quality data. For example, Version 2 includes more mandatory fields requiring publishers to share essential information, such as the date of their activities and which country or region they operate in.

Version 1 contains outdated rules and guidance on publishing development and humanitarian data on resources and results.

The latest versions of the IATI Standard also enable publishers to provide information that captures the changing demands for development and humanitarian data. For example, publishers can specify which Sustainable Development Goals their projects are aiming to achieve or if their spending addresses a specific humanitarian crisis.

How can I publish IATI data using Version 2?

Start publishing your data through a tool that supports the use of IATI Standard Version 2. A list of publishing tools can be found in the IATI website’s guidance section. If your organisation has created its own bespoke process to publish IATI data, then it will need to be upgraded by implementing the schema changes which can be found on the IATI Standard reference pages. When making the change do ensure your organisation understands the changes in data that are required and makes necessary adjustments to the systems used to collect and process data internally. For any questions, contact the IATI technical team by emailing [email protected].

Who made the decision to deprecate IATI Standard Version 1?

At the IATI Members Assembly in July 2018, it was agreed that this older version should be deprecated. The deadline for deprecation was set by IATI’s community of data users and publishers at the Technical Advisory Group meeting in November 2018.

How can I get more information and help?

The IATI technical team will be able to answer your questions about this process. Please get in contact with us at [email protected].