First IATI Data Use Fund awards issued

  • Aug. 2, 2018

We are pleased to announce that four projects have been selected to receive funding from IATI’s Data Use Fund, set up as part of its IATI Data Use Strategy 2017 - 2019.

Congratulations to Africa Open Data, Development Gateway and Oxfam America who will be delivering projects to raise awareness, improve tools and strengthen the integration of IATI data into developing country government internal systems.

The Data Use Fund was set up to increase the use of IATI data published by more than 800 organisations on more than one million humanitarian and development activities.

IATI’s Data Use Task Force, which includes IATI members from its donor, partner country and civil society organisations (CSOs) groups, is mandated by the Governing Board to increase the routine use of this data to inform decision-making and increase accountability. Within this context the Task Force has been working to identify what the specific challenges are to systematic data use, and to address these through a series of awards from the fund.

Here are more details on the first activities to be implemented using funds from the IATI Data Use Fund:

  • Oxfam America and Oxfam Uganda will work with four CSO partners in Uganda to implement training activities to encourage and increase the use of IATI data. Oxfam America and Oxfam Uganda will then support the four CSOs to share stories publicly (through blogs, picture, possibly multimedia/interactive videos) to increase interest/awareness of IATI data and to share lessons learned with the IATI community.

  • Africa Open Data will work with approximately 150 engineering and management students from across the Ghana to produce citizen-centric web and mobile applications to use IATI data. The project will deliver awareness-raising workshops in Accra, Ho and Kumasi followed by a two-day hackathon in Accra.

  • Development Gateway will deliver two projects on mapping all existing data use tools and improving the integration of IATI data in the Government of Senegal’s Aid Information Platform (AMP). The first project will involve developing an online catalogue and drafting “cook-books” on the existing tools to help users access IATI data. The second project will improve the ability to automatically import IATI data into Senegal’s internal AMP and improve understanding amongst government staff by adding descriptions of the IATI Standard to the AMP through ‘tool tips’.

For more information on the IATI Data Use Fund, the work of the task force or information on how to apply for finance from the Data Use Fund, contact Lea Zoric, IATI’s Outreach and Data Use Specialist: [email protected].