Annual Report 2016: $146 billion of development spending reported to IATI

  • March 2, 2017

Did you know an impressive $146 billion of development spending was published to IATI in 2016? Download the IATI Annual Report 2016 to discover more about the progress made on our 3 strategic objectives: increasing data, improving data quality and use.

As well as the vast improvements in the volume and quality of IATI data, we celebrate the significant political progress made in 2016. This includes the Grand Bargain commitment for humanitarian actors to publish their assistance to IATI, and a renewed endorsement of IATI by the GPEDC at HLM2. Check out our timeline of key achievements. 

The report also reflects on IATI’s future priorities and challenges, particularly in supporting  more developing countries to experience the benefits of using IATI data.

Check out our highlights and download the full IATI Annual Report 2016 now.

 Over 500 publishers – up by 40%

Over 500 organisations now provide data on their development spending to IATI and there has been a 40% increase in publishers since Annual Report 2015.

As a result, data on billions of dollars of development spending is now available, open and free from donor governments, multilateral agencies, foundations, NGOs and private sector organisations. 

Data quality vastly improves

We assess how the IATI Standard is meeting the demand from developing country governments for timely, comprehensive and forward-looking information on external resources. It is vital that IATI publishers provide good quality data on these elements to ensure that governments have the information needed to make informed decisions.

Up-to-date information enhances governments’ ability to plan budgets, improve macroeconomic management, reduce duplication and provide greater accountability for service delivery funds. Spending and activities can be reported quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily, which can be crucial in a humanitarian emergency.










Timeliness has significantly improved – 96% (US$140 billion) of the total volume was reported by publishers who update their data at least every quarter, up from 80% in 2015.

Through the Dashboard, statistics are now available on how many publishers are providing the full picture of their resources, by publishing information on IATI’s ‘Comprehensiveness elements’.

The report ( Figure 6 and 7) shows that a majority of publishers are publishing valid data on more than 95% of the core elements. However, we are keen to see an increase in those using the ‘value added’ elements of the Standard. An improvement would help provide data users with richer context for IATI activities, for example on geolocation and results. 

Forward-looking budget data
IATI allows donors to share budgets several years in advance, so partner country governments are able to better plan for the future.

Donors have significantly increased the amount of forward-looking budget data they publish – US$126 billion for 2017 and 2018, compared to just US$34 billion of forward-looking budget data reported in late 2015 (for 2016 and 2017 budgets).

More IATI partner country members can access IATI data

For IATI to be useful to developing countries, it is important that good data exists from their major donors. Due to improvements in the number of publishers and data quality, 25 out of 27 of IATI partner country members are able to access IATI data for at least nine of their largest ten development partners (see figure 9, page 20-21) – an increase of eight partner countries since the 2015 Annual Report, representing a tremendous advance in the availability of IATI data.

Download IATI Annual Report 2016

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