Organisation information

Information about your organisation and your forward-looking budgets is key to IATI data users. In this section you can find out what organisation information you should be publishing, which key documents to include and how to present your budgets and your overall spending in your IATI organisation file.

Related guidance

What data should I publish?

Organisations publishing to IATI provide data about their development and humanitarian work. This data should be regularly updated and added to over the life of the activity.

Organisations publishing to IATI p…

Activity information

Data about what development and humanitarian work your organisation does is at the heart of IATI. This section explains how we define an activity, what details you can give about it, and what key data you need to get started.

Data about what development and hu…

How to use IATI Reference

At the heart of IATI is the data Standard that sets out the format and framework for publishing your data. IATI Reference is an ‘instruction manual’ giving details of all the ‘parts’ you’ll need to build your datafiles.

At the heart of IATI is the data S…

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