Launch: IATI Annual Report 2023

  • 31 mai 2024

IATI has launched its 2023 Annual Report, detailing how the initiative has advanced towards achieving its strategic goals.

IATI Annual Report 2023 (FR / ES)

IATI Financial Report 2023 (FR / ES)

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Progress in the publication of development and humanitarian data in IATI

During the year the number of organisations publishing IATI data on their development and humanitarian resources and activities has risen to 1550.

Analysis from the report shows the following:

  • Activities published with SDG data increased by 23% compared to 2022;
  • Nearly 100,000 activities were marked as humanitarian;
  • 440 organisations identified one or more of their activities as targeting gender equality;
  • Over 27,000 activities were marked as targeting climate mitigation, and 33,500 marked as targeting climate adaptation

IATI publishers continued to reflect a broad range of organisations, from donor governments, development finance institutions and UN agencies to non-governmental organisations, foundations and private sector organisations.

Promoting the use of IATI data

In 2023, the initiative provided new training opportunities and awareness-raising activities promoting the use of IATI data. IATI’s new Virtual Training for Civil Society was launched in January and analysis released in April on leveraging IATI budget data to assess the future development and humanitarian aid landscape.

CSO course

Learn how to use IATI data by taking the free Virtual Training for Civil Society course!

The Annual Report 2023 presents case studies on the use of IATI data to inform policy and accountability issues. Investigative journalist Claire Provostused IATI data to inform an exclusive report on CNN (page 9). Another example showing an emerging trend of diverse stakeholder groups forming communities around the use of IATI data is the Global Alliance for Food Security, which worked closely with IATI data to strengthen the response to emerging food and nutrition crises (page 11).

Strengthening the initiative

In 2023, IATI continued to enjoy an expanding membership and the initiative warmly welcomed five new organisations

In 2023, IATI continued to enjoy an expanding membership and the initiative warmly welcomed five new organisations: CAF – Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean, the Government of Niger, CanWaCH (the Canadian partnership for women and children’s health), and the development data organisations Emergentally and Open Data Company.

During the year, also IATI underwent institutional renewal, and the report highlights the successful transition to new Secretariat hosting arrangements in 2023, managed carefully to ensure that IATI’s data publishers and users received uninterrupted services.

Financial Report 2023

The Annual Report 2023 is accompanied by a financial report. IATI Financial Report 2023 presents the initiative’s income and expenditure for the year and offers comparisons with the previous financial year.

Looking ahead

As with previous editions, Annual Report 2023 reflects on some of the priorities for the following year. It highlights IATI’s engagement in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with IATI’s annual Members’ Assembly and Community Exchange taking place for the first time in Bogotá, Colombia in April 2024.

Alejandro Pacheco, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Colombia

Alejandro Pacheco, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Colombia addressed IATI's Community Exchange meeting in April 25, Bogotá.

With IATI’s current strategic plan coming to a close in 2025, another focus in 2024 will be consultation on a new strategic plan. For IATI’s members and community this will be a chance to reflect on IATI’s role and vision in the context of Agenda 2030.

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