Zimmerman & Zimmerman join IATI

Please note: As of January 2019 IATI Studio is no longer available. For further information, please contact Zimmerman: zimmerman.team/

  • June 23, 2016

Open data and data visualisation company, Zimmerman & Zimmerman has become the latest member of IATI.

Founded in 2010 by brothers Siem and Tristan Vaessen, the data expertise organisation aims to make development data transparent, providing IATI data visualisation solutions for NGOs, donors and governments working on aid transparency and accountability within the development sector.

Zimmerman & Zimmerman were first involved in the pilot for www.openaid.nl, the transparency portal that provides IATI data on official development aid projects supported by the Dutch government.

Co-founder, Siem Vaessen said “We first learned about the IATI Standard back in 2010 and now we have just launched IATI Studio, a powerful web-application for creating interactive charts using all the open data published to the IATI Registry. We intend to extend IATI Studio with a data manager, enabling organisations to publish to IATI, and a MicroSite Builder, enabling organisations to build data visualisation interfaces based on all the data residing in IATI Studio.”

They have also developed the OIPA data-engine which extracts all published IATI XML files from the IATI Registry. This data-engine is available as open-source software.

More information on IATI’s members and how to join can be found in our new Members’ Assembly section.