Share your views on IATI’s institutional arrangements

  • July 28, 2016

IATI’s Governing Board is currently seeking views on the long-term institutional and sustainable financial arrangements of IATI.

Since 2013 IATI has been hosted by a multi-stakeholder consortium including UNDP, UNOPS, Development Initiatives, and the governments of Ghana and Sweden. In 2015 an independent evaluation recommended a review of IATI’s long term institutional arrangements and IATI members decided that there should be a transition to new hosting arrangements by no later than August 2018.

The Governing Board are asking for comments on draft Terms of Reference (ToRs) for a consultant to provide alternative hosting options for IATI. The review will consider financial sustainability alongside other aspects of the institutional arrangements.

Please post your comments on our Discuss forum or email them directly to IATI’s Chair: [email protected]. The deadline for comments is Friday 12 August.