Upgrade to version 2.02 of the IATI Standard – consultation now open

  • Aug. 28, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the consultation for version 2.02 of the IATI standard is now open.

The time has come for us to work through some minor changes to the standard so that we can keep abreast of operational changes as well as requests coming in from users and publishers. We are now launching a consultation for version 2.02 of the standard which will go live in December this year.

Key resources:

This is a decimal upgrade which means that:

  • all changes must be optional;
  • all changes must be backwardly compatible; and
  • all changes must be agreed by consensus – matters that cannot be amicably resolved during this consultation will be deferred to the more extensive consultations that take place for an integer upgrade.

There are currently no plans for the next integer upgrade (version 3.01). This is unlikely to be implemented before 2017.

In addition, we would like to use this period of consultation to work on the Humanitarian Extension that we discussed at the TAG meetings in Ottawa. Extensions sit outside of our formal change control procedures. The standard allows third-party extensions to be embedded within IATI activities without them being part of the standard. An extension is a useful way to test out new content that can be included in the standard proper at a later date, once its usefulness and integrity is proven.

Proposals that have been submitted over the past year have been collated on the Support Knowledge Base  and we invite the IATI community to comment on these existing proposals and / or create new topics for consideration. To do this, or to keep track of the conversations, you should register and subscribe to alerts on this forum. We are working on future consultations taking place in Discuss.


PhaseIATICommunityTimescaleDue Date
SuggestionsA clear cut off date for new submissions is advertised to the Community26 August 2015
SuggestionsNo more submissions are accepted after the due date.The community submits and discusses proposals and ideas by the cut off date.2 weeks14 September 2015
SuggestionsThe IATI Technical Team agree which proposals should go forward to the upgrade and communicate this to the community.Proposals going forward are flagged as being ‘under consideration’. Commenters may be contacted for more information on their comments.Within 1 week21 September 2015
ConsultationConsultationCommunity debate: During this time the community can helps shape the proposals and discusses what has been included or left out.Over a 2 week period7 October 2015
ConsultationProposals are refined and worked up into finished examples.During this time the community can help shape the proposals, but really this is a writing up task.Within 1 week19 October 2015
Development & InspectionThe community has until the due date to inspect the 2.02 changes as they are being developed (a new GitHub branch will be used).During this time the community can help shape the proposals.Over a 4 week period23 November 2015
Approval & Go liveFinal version of 2.02 completed by the due date, ready for approval by the IATI Steering Committee.The community can scrutinise the final proposals and feed back on errors, omissions and problems, or suggest solutions.Within 1 week30 November 2015
Approval & Go liveVersion 2.02 goes live.7 December 2015