Upcoming launch of IATI's Datastore API version 3 - January 2022

  • Dec. 6, 2021

The IATI Secretariat is pleased to announce that version 3 of the IATI Datastore API will be released on 11 January 2022. The Datastore offers robust access to development and humanitarian data published according to the IATI Standard.

The new version of the Datastore API is built to a higher specification, with lower costs and greater efficiency than was possible with previous versions. It will be launched in its new home of IATI’s Unified Platform, marking significant progress in IATI’s evolution from a siloed set of technical tools to a single, integrated system architecture.

Datastore API version 3

Over the last six months the IATI Technical Team have brought the IATI Datastore in-house and rebuilt the back end. In the last month, the team has focused on testing the API with a dedicated user group, ready for release after the holiday period.

Once launched, Datastore API version 3 will offer a faster, fully reliable IATI data service to users, with the following features:

  • Data is updated dynamically as it becomes available via the IATI Registry. We aim to process all data within 24 hours of its availability.

  • All valid IATI data (i.e. data that conforms to the IATI XML Schema) is available in JSON, CSV and XML formats.

  • Users can query IATI data on all elements and attributes contained in the Standard.

  • All IATI data can be queried and returned in one of three CSV formats:
    • One activity per row
    • One transaction per row
    • One budget per row

  • Accessed via the IATI API Gateway
    • Requires a free API key to use (allowing the IATI Technical Team to better track how data is being used, and ensuring a secure and robust service for users).

API Call Redirects - transitioning to API Gateway

Existing API calls (XML format only) to https://iatidatastore.iatistandard.org have been redirected to the IATI Community’s Datastore Classic (since July 2021). On 11 January 2022 these calls will be directed to IATI’s Datastore API version 3. These redirects will last for 6 months. During this time the API users will receive an XML response in the same format as that provided by Datastore Classic. This is to ensure no users’ work will be disrupted as a result of the change. After 6 months, users will need to transition to using the IATI API Gateway and the XML data will be returned in IATI XML format.

From 11 January 2022, the 98% of redirects that require a JSON or CSV output will be served by the IATI Datastore API version 3. After 6 months, users will need to transition to use the IATI API Gateway to access the API. There will be no difference to the format of the data received.

Upcoming work: Powering IATI tools

Launching the new version of the Datastore marks an essential step in the journey to improve the access of IATI data. In 2022 the new API will be used to power new IATI data tools to meet the needs of a wide range of data users.

IATI’s Technical Team plans to build a web application for the Datastore. In addition, the data presented by the next version of d-portal will be consistent with that of the Datastore.

Additional Support

The 11th January launch will include documentation on the API Contract and how to use the IATI Datastore API, as well as a link to the formal SOLR documentation. For further support on using (or transitioning over to) the new API, please contact the IATI Helpdesk: [email protected]. IATI’s Technical Team will happily set up a call to help get you started.