UNESCO publishes to IATI, launches transparency portal

  • March 17, 2015

UNESCOPortalThe United Nations Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) today launched its new Transparency Portal, featuring programme and financial information published to IATI.

The UNESCO Transparency Portal presents comprehensive, quality and timely information about its projects as published to the IATI Standard, enabling users to find information by country/region, funding source, and sector. Comprehensive project data, including budget, expenditure, completion status, implementing organization, project documents, and more are available. Altogether, the portal presents information on some 982 country projects, along with 430 regional projects and 516 global projects.

“Public participation and interactivity are key to the success of any open data project,” said the organisation, in a statement announcing the launch. “[The portal] will evolve as Member States and partners get involved.”

In publishing to IATI, UNESCO joins over 320 organisations working to improve transparency in development cooperation.