Share your IATI data use work with GPEDC

  • Aug. 13, 2018

The GPEDC (Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation) is looking for evidence of using IATI data for inclusion in their new knowledge sharing platform on effective development co-operation.

The body has launched a call for evidence to draw on the experience of country-level practitioners in delivering on effectiveness principles. These focus on the opportunities and challenges encountered, the useful solutions and approaches, and the situations where progress has been difficult to achieve. The GPEDC aim to enrich the global evidence base of good practices and help provide tailored and actionable solutions based on country context and stakeholder group.

The results from this call for evidence will be showcased in a Global Compendium of Good Practices and a Knowledge-Sharing Platform on effective development co-operation. These will serve as crucial components of the Global Partnership’s efforts to drive global progress and support countries in strategically managing diverse development co-operation resources, highlighting effective practices to deliver on national development targets.

The deadline to submit information on your organisations' research, tools, case studies and/or country stories is 14 October 2018. For more information visit the GPEDC website.