Phase 2: IATI Data Quality Index consultation

  • Feb. 15, 2022

The second phase of IATI’s Data Quality Index consultation is launched today and will run until the end of June 2022. Phase 2 follows the first consultation phase in 2021, which proposed measures for inclusion in the index. In Phase 2, the IATI Secretariat will be consulting with the IATI community on the proposed methodology and how each measure will be weighted and combined to generate an overall score for each publisher.

About the IATI Data Quality Index

As part of the IATI Strategic Plan (2020-2025), our initiative is committed to supporting organisations to publish high quality IATI data. To help achieve this, a set of revised data quality measures is being developed, to underscore what good quality data looks like for IATI’s more than 1300 publishers. These measures will form the basis of a new Data Quality Index, which will allow publishers to better understand their successes, and help ensure their data can be used by intended beneficiaries at the country level.

Who is the consultation for?

The first phase of the consultation involved a discussion open to all publishers and data users on what significance should be attached to each measure. For the second phase of the consultation on the DQI methodology, participants need a good level of technical understanding and knowledge of the IATI Standard. The IATI Secretariat will hold webinars before each consultation to explain the process, measures and how to engage.

How to participate - visit IATI Connect

The Data Quality Index consultation is being held on IATI’s community platform, IATI Connect. Phase 2 of the consultation will be divided into three parts (full timetable on IATI Connect):

(1) Timeliness and Validation (15 February - 20 March)

(2) Data Completeness (28 March - 29 April)

(3) How the measures should be weighted and summarised within the Index (9 May - 10 June)

Background papers on each part will be posted in IATI Connect, starting with Timeliness and Validation on 15 February. Please visit IATI Connect and click the ‘follow content’ button at the top of the DQI Discussion to stay up to date with any news regarding the launch of this DQI Consultation.

Sign-up to webinar on 23 February 2022 at 3pm UTC

The first consultation webinar of Phase 2 will be held on 23 February 2022 at 3pm UTC and members of the IATI’s community are invited to register now. The webinar will focus on the proposed methodology for the measures relating to timeliness and validation of data.

We look forward to your engagement in the Data Quality Index consultation. If you have any questions, please post them on IATI Connect or email [email protected].

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