Open Government Partnership recommends donors publish COVID-19 data using IATI

  • June 1, 2020

New guidance from the Open Government Partnership has recommended that donors publish IATI data on their responses to COVID-19.

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The organisation has released A Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus: International Aid to improve the transparency of assistance through grants, loans, debt relief, and other forms of official development assistance (ODA). The guidance recommends that donor governments and agencies register their aid information with IATI by following IATI guidance on publishing COVID-19-related data.

The Open Government Partnership brings together government leaders and civil society advocates to promote accountable, responsive and inclusive governance. Their new guide states:

“Aid transparency is critical to improving donor coordination, which allows donors to avoid duplication of efforts and identify critical gaps. Moreover, it enables recipients to observe the amount and allocation of aid coming into their countries, allowing them to better allocate their own resources.”

To date, 50 organisations have published IATI data relating to COVID-19. Discover how to access this data by reading Guidance: Accessing and Using COVID-19 Data. For more information, visit OGP’s website. For help publishing and accessing IATI data contact [email protected].