New version of AidStream launched today

  • April 1, 2016

The new version of the IATI publishing tool AidStream is now live, making publishing IATI data effortless. This is great news for the hundreds of organisations who use AidStream to publish information on their development projects to the IATI Standard.

Existing and new users will benefit from AidStream’s great new look and excellent new features which include:

  • v2.02 upgrade support – enabling users to easily upgrade to the new IATI version v2.02, which some organisations may need to do to comply with the IATI guidelines of the Netherland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • CSV bulk activity importer – allowing you to import basic information about your activities quickly using a standardised template
  • Local time zone setting – letting you set and view all events in your time zone
  • Responsive website – allowing you to browse your activities on different devices

Users will now be automatically directed to publish IATI data through the new, simpler version of the AidStream and there is a helpful user guide to explain the changes. Do get in touch with AidStream’s friendly staff on [email protected] with any feedback or questions about the new site.