IATI’s role in agricultural funding data

  • July 14, 2016

A series of new reports from the Initiative for Open Ag Funding has reviewed the relevance of IATI data in global agricultural.

Initiative for Open Ag Funding

Their new assessment found that “nearly all the major bilateral and multilateral donors in agriculture” publish information about their funding to IATI. The study also establishes that approximately 35,000 activities were identified as investments in agriculture, representing 7% of the total activities published to IATI.

The assessment forms part of the Initiative for Open Ag Funding’s new project to establish the data needs of organisations working in agricultural and food security.  

This week the initiative launched a blog series to promote their three new reports and explores why the development community should care about improving the agricultural investment data landscape. They discuss:  

  • The data needs of NGOs, bilateral/multilateral donors and philanthropic foundations
  • How agricultural investment data can fill these needs to inform smarter investments in agriculture and food security
  • What organisations can/should do now to improve the data landscape

The Initiative for Open Ag Funding blogs will be published by Interaction over the next month and all reports can be found here.