IATI upgrade to version 2.03 goes live!

  • Feb. 20, 2018

Data publishers are able to use IATI Standard version 2.03 which is now live. This is the latest upgrade to the IATI Standard, a format and framework that over 600 organisations use to publish data on their development and humanitarian activities.

The upgrade aims to improve the quality and usability of data published by a range of actors from governments, multilaterals and NGOs, to foundations, private sector organisations and development finance institutions. Amongst many important changes, version 2.03 is able to better capture data on:

  • Humanitarian assistance – effective and well-coordinated responses to crises require good quality data on humanitarian financing. Publishers can now more accurately report their spending and activities, including classifying different aid types, reporting the types of local organisations they are working with and sharing funding pledges they have made.
  • Measuring results – version 2.03 changes the way baseline, target and actual results are reported, which improves consistency and allows the results of activities to be analysed in different ways e.g. by gender or education status. These improvements will help users to better understand the impact or difference that development cooperation and humanitarian assistance has made.
  • Traceability – IATI data can be used to track funds from one organisation to another through complex delivery chains. The upgrade has clarified the definitions within a number of elements and attributes to help data users understand and follow the flow of funds and activities published to IATI. Additional changes now enable IATI’s technical community to modify and keep more codelists up-to-date outside of IATI Standard upgrades.

These changes to the IATI Standard reflect an extensive consultation held with IATI publishers and data users, technical specialists and open data enthusiasts that form IATI’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Over the last few months, IATI’s Technical Team has worked closely with the TAG community on implementing the upgrade.

IATI’s existing publishers are encouraged to start using version 2.03 of the Standard. For more information and support see the guidance on implementing v2.03 or email the IATI Technical Team: [email protected].