IATI Surveys the needs of Aid Information Management Systems

  • Feb. 12, 2014

IATI has today launched a survey aimed at improving the flow of development partner data in IATI’s standard format into country systems.

IATI was established in response to the demand for more comprehensive, timely and forward-looking information on resource flows to be fed into national development and budget planning. Since the introduction of the IATI Standard, over 200 agencies have begun publishing data on their activities in the common IATI format. With the exception of a pilot study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, however, the increasing richness of this new source of data is yet to be fully exploited.

At our October 2013 Steering Committee meeting Partner Countries called for data published through the IATI standard to be made more readily available at country level. This survey is an exercise to review the operational capacity of Aid Information Management Systems around the world and to asses, inter alia, how the automatic exchange of data in IATI format may improve planning processes.

Participation in this survey is welcomed from the broadest possible range of respondents in order to identify challenges at country level. Based on the issues or best practices identified through this survey, IATI will work with partner countries to eliminate challenges and find solutions that will lead to increased availability and use of IATI data at country level.

If you would like to participate please contact us at [email protected] for a link.

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