IATI Standard version 1.04 goes live

  • May 6, 2014

Version 1.04 of the IATI Standard has now been published. Full documentation now forms the content of the iatistandard.org website. All previous versions can be found via http://iatistandard.org/upgrades/all-versions/.

Data publishers can start to publish to v1.04 of the Standard as of now. You can get an idea of how many publishers are publishing to each version of the Standard via the IATI Dashboard.

The changes made in v1.04 are outlined at http://iatistandard.org/upgrades/decimal-upgrade-to-1-04/1-04-changes/.

These changes are a result of the discussion and actions outlined in the v1.04 Decimal Upgrade forum. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this upgrade, especially to all those involved in the work around the location elements.

We would ask data consumers and publishers to pay special attention to the way codelists are now being served. We have additional documentation about this at:

We’ve also taken advantage of our ability to now update ‘Non-Embedded’ codelists at any time, to deal with some discrepancies in our sector and country code lists and their external sources and to retain some historical values that we think will still be of use. See: https://github.com/IATI/IATI-Codelists-NonEmbedded/commit/1cf0f9baa9b0eba52d9230917cab729567fe6bc8.

During the v1.04 process the IATI Datastore got a new URL – http://datastore.iatistandard.org/ – we’ve moved the associated documentation to that site to keep it all in one place. In the process we have removed the link in the top navigation of the IATI Standard site (but left a signposting link in the sidebar if you need one) to make room for what we think are better links to the Activity Standard and Organisation Standard.

Developers may find it convenient to use GitHub to access versions of the standard. Information on how to do this forms part of the improved Developer documentation.

Our ‘How to publish‘ section has been extensively re-written as part of our ongoing commitment to improving our documentation and guidance and we welcome observations, comments, bug reports and so on. We have a number of ‘post v1.04’ issues still to resolve and you can follow our progress on these via our GitHub milestones.

If you have any questions or comments about v1.04, the information above, or anything else IATI-related please do contact us at [email protected].