IATI is recruiting

  • Feb. 8, 2014

We’re looking for a great communications professional to join us for an exciting consultancy role based at UNDP, the head of the IATI Secretariat, to:

  • Conduct research and undertake analysis on the use of IATI data at partner country level;
  • Strengthen and implement IATI’s communications strategy and generate necessary materials for a range of outreach and communications purposes.

More information on the role and how to apply. Closing date: 21 February 2014

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of UNDP’s IATI Secretariat Coordinator and with regular consultation with IATI Secretariat members, the IATI consultant will focus on the following:
Produce a report on the current use of IATI data at country level:

  • Conduct analysis including through survey, e-discussions, workshops and interviews with providers, users and potential users of IATI data; this analysis should consider accessibility, quality, diverse user needs of different user groups;
  • Determine what challenges there are, if any, that impede use of IATI data at country level;
  • Based on this analysis, make recommendations to promote or enhance use of IATI data among users at country level.

Provide support to IATI’s outreach and communications activities. This work includes

  • Develop or where applicable update communications materials promoting benefits of IATI for different constituencies;
  • Identify outreach opportunities for IATI and make recommendations for exploiting such opportunities;
  • Develop content as and when required, for a range of purposes and for different audiences, and disseminate via a number of channels including social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and UNDP internal knowledge networks;
  • Respond to specific requests for information about IATI;
  • Update IATI’s website www.iatistandard.org with new materials on a regular basis;
  • Develop press kits as necessary in relation to news about IATI;
  • Scan external feeds for news related to aid transparency and share those of relevance or interest;
  • Develop a regular newsletter for IATI members;
  • Prepare internal briefings, substantive papers and presentation materials on IATI

Take part in regular Secretariat meetings supporting strategic planning of the IATI Secretariat.  Occasional overseas travel may be required to attend Steering Committee meetings (Copenhagen, Denmark) or to support regional IATI workshops.


  • Produce a report on the use of IATI data at country level, recommending concrete measures on improving usage;
  • Develop and implement a communications campaign and produce materials as outlined above (point 2), to meet a range of different needs.