IATI Implementation Schedules Published

  • May 16, 2011

Today, the IATI Secretariat have published the implementation schedules and implementation notes of 10 signatories.

Implementation schedules are an agreed part of the IATI standard, which enable signatories and providers of IATI data to lay out their plans for implementation.

Schedules include information on:

  • The timetable and frequency of data publication
  • Exclusions and thresholds on what data will be published
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Definitions of an organisations terminology
  • A detailed table outlining which data items they will be providing, and when they will be publishing them

The purpose of the schedules is to provide a context to the data that organisations are producing and to explain any exclusions to those people who want to use the data.

At this point in the process of IATI, schedules also serve as a way of organisations who have committed to the initiative, to publish more detailed plans for when they will be providing data.

It is important to note that these schedules are living documents which will develop over time as signatories move through the implementation process and understand more about how they can provide certain data items. Implementing IATI can be a detailed process, from assessing current data held by the organisation, to changing systems to capture new types of information. Implementation schedules are a means of signatories being transparent about the implementation process itself.

To see the data from the three signatories who are already publishing data, visit www.iatiregistry.org .

We look forward to receiving more schedules from signatories over the coming months.