Hewlett Foundation publishes to IATI

  • April 4, 2011

We’re pleased to announce that The Hewlett Foundation became the second signatory to publish to the IATI standard last Thursday, releasing data on grants made by their global development and international population progammes.

It’s significant for IATI to have a philanthropic foundation amongst the early implementers of the Initiative. The fact that Hewlett have been able to take the data they already make public and convert it into the IATI format demonstrates proof of concept, showing that the standard can be adopted by non-traditional donors, as well official donors who already report to the OECD DAC.

This is especially important for stakeholders in partner countries, who have consistently told us that they want “Better coverage of aid flows from a wider range of donors, including non-DAC donors, multilateral agencies, NGOs, foundations”.

Hewlett join the UK’s DFID, who became the first signatory to implement phase 1 of IATI back in January. We have recently received implementation schedules for several more signatories, and will be providing an update on their implementation plans shortly.