Governing Board Election 2022 Results

  • March 29, 2022

IATI’s new Governing Board has been chosen through elections held between 21-25 March 2022. Many thanks to all the candidates and members who participated in this year’s IATI Governing Board election.

The following members will comprise the 2022-2024 Governing Board of IATI:

Partner countries

  • Government of Nigeria, Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning (continues) - Mr. Henry Asor Nkang 
  • Government of Rwanda, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, External Finance Directorate - Mr. Innocent Mugabe

Providers of development cooperation

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Ms. Thea Schepers
  • UNICEF (continues) - Mr. Joseph Barnes

CSOs and other

  • AfroLeadership - Mr. Charlie Martial Ngounou 
  • Association of Freelance Journalists (continues) - Ms. Winnie Kamau

Technical seat

  • Open Works- Mr. Pelle Aardema

Congratulations to all the new elected members. The new Board will be constituted from 1 May 2022 as required in our Standard Operating Procedures.

Sincere thanks to the following outgoing Board members, who have helped strengthen the voices of our members and make important progress in implementing our five-year Strategic Plan: Theo van de Sande (Netherlands), Leo Stolk (Oxfam Novib), Melinda Cuzner (Sida) and Khim Bahadur Kunwar (Nepal).