Governing Board Election 2018 results

  • March 12, 2018

IATI’s new Governing Board has been chosen through a recent election held between 1-8 March 2018. Many thanks to both the candidates and IATI members for their participation. The results are as follows:

Providers of Development Cooperation
In the constituency ‘Providers of Development Cooperation’ the following candidates have been elected:

  • Theo van de Sande – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • Tim Takona – UNICEF

Civil Society and Other 
In the constituency ‘Civil Society and Other ’ the following candidates have been elected:

  • Sarah Johns – Bond
  • Leo Stolk – Oxfam Novib

Partner Countries
In the constituency ‘Partner Countries’, no election was necessary as the incumbent representatives received full support to re-stand. Therefore the following candidates will continue:

  • Isaora Zefania Romalahy – Madagascar
  • Kazi Shofiqul Azam – Bangladesh

According to IATI’s Standard Operating Procedures the current Board remains in place until the end of March and the first meeting of the new Board will take place in early April. The Board members will at that time elect their own Chair and Vice-Chair.

Sincere thanks are due to Canada (Stephen Potter) and Publish What You Fund (Rupert Simons) for their dedicated work during the last two years. They have kindly agreed to remain on hand to support a smooth transition to the new Board.