Get involved! Consultation on IATI v2.03 now open

  • May 12, 2017

We’re pleased to announce that the consultation for version 2.03 of the IATI standard is now open.

The time has come for us to work through some minor changes to the standard so that we can accommodate requests from data users and publishers, as well as reflect the evolving data needs in the development and humanitarian sectors.

Version 2.03 of the standard will go live in October this year and we encourage IATI’s community to get involved in our consultation.

Key resources

This is a decimal upgrade which means that:

  • all changes must be optional;
  • all changes must be backwardly compatible; and
  • all changes must be agreed by consensus – matters that cannot be amicably resolved during this consultation will be deferred to the more extensive consultations that take place for an integer upgrade to version 3.01 (the earliest this could be initiated is to be proposed to the Member’s Assembly in 2018 and starting in 2019).

Stay informed with IATI Discuss

Proposals that have been submitted over the past year, including those discussed at Standards Day have been collated on Discuss section 2.03 Decimal Upgrade Proposals and we invite the IATI community to comment on these existing proposals and / or create new topics for consideration.

There is also a section 2.03 Upgrade Discussions which has a record of previous discussions relating to individual 2.03 proposals – these topics will be locked and for reference only, to ensure that further discussions around actual proposals are all together within the Proposals section. To comment, or to keep track of the conversations on Discuss, please register and subscribe to notifications within topics.

2.03 upgrade timetable

Phase Stage Start Date Actions by/for the

IATI tech team

Actions by the Community Stage End Date
Suggestions Friday

12 May

Announcement of 2.03 upgrade process, and request for any more new proposals is advertised to the Community. Friday

12 May

Suggestions (afternoon of) Friday

12 May

The Community submits new and/or discusses existing proposals and ideas. Friday

2 June

Suggestions Saturday

3 June

The technical team review and agree which proposals should be considered for the upgrade. These are shared with the Community. Proposals going forward are flagged as being ‘under consideration’. The Community are invited to comment on these and may be contacted for more information on their views. Friday

16 June

Consultation Saturday

17 June

The technical team undergoes consultation with the Community. The Community can help refine the proposals and discuss in detail what has been included or left out. Friday

7 July

Consultation Saturday

8 July

Proposals are refined and worked up into finished examples. The Community are still able to submit minor suggestions/changes, although this phase is mainly for the tech team to work up proposals into examples. Friday

28 July

Development & Inspection Saturday

29 July

The technical team will develop proposals and add them to a dedicated development branch of the schema (on GitHub). The Community inspects and comments on the 2.03 changes on GitHub as they are being developed. Friday 15 September
Approval & go live Saturday

16 September

Final version of 2.03 completed. We will work to ensure core IATI secretariat tools are compatible with the new version. Monday

2 October

Approval & go live Tuesday

3 October

Version 2.03 goes live. Tuesday

3 October