Dutch government open their data

  • Sept. 13, 2011

The Dutch government today became the fifth IATI signatory to publish their data to the standard. The data details aid given by the Dutch government between 2009 and 2010.

Ben Knapen, the Dutch State Secretary for development cooperation, announced the release in his report on results of Dutch aid from the same time period.

In addition to this latest release for IATI, they have also released details from Dutch embassies, reporting on the progress of particular projects in countries around the world.

Update 19 September:

You can now find this release of data on the IATI Registry.  Over the coming weeks we expect to see a number of graphs and charts emerging based on this data.

The IATI Data Explorer allows you to choose specific sets of aid activities to view in depth. The Guardian Global Development website has an array of visualisations based on donor-released data that’s worth taking a look at. In addition, Akvo, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have set up a pilot project to show results of their water projects in an accessible format.

These projects, along with a number of others currently being worked on, means that data users should be able to view, and play with, the data in easy-to-understand visualisations.