Coverage statistics launched on IATI Dashboard

  • May 4, 2016

Today we’ve taken another step forward in our work to improve the quality of IATI data by publishing coverage statistics for all our publishers.

Now available on the IATI Dashboard, coverage information shows what percentage of expenditure is being reported to IATI from each organisation. Ensuring that publishers report all their spending to IATI provides useful context for data users.

Coverage results mark the fourth critical dimension of data quality that publishers should aim to improve. The IATI Dashboard already calculates statistics on the three 2011 Busan Partnership Agreement elements of timeliness, comprehensive and forward-looking data.

Wendy Rogers, Senior Business and Data Analyst on IATI’s Technical Team says: “The launch of today’s new statistics provide publishers with the first opportunity to understand better how much of their organisation’s spending is actually being made public and to consider whether it is a dimension that they may need to work on improving.

“We have engaged with many IATI publishers over the last couple of months to provide this new information on their development spending and look forward to continuing to work with new and existing publishers on improving the quality of all aspects of their data”.

A full explanation of the coverage methodology is provided on the IATI Dashboard coverage page and publishers should get in touch if they have any queries on their new coverage statistics on [email protected].