Cordaid’s new interactive map is powered by IATI data

  • Oct. 27, 2014

Dutch NGO Cordaid, an IATI publisher, has recently launched a new online visualisation of the countries they work in using IATI data.

A vocal advocate for open data in development cooperation, Cordaid has created an interactive map that provides details on its projects at the country level.

Users may hover over a featured country to learn about the number of Cordaid projects there, funding and implementing partners, and amounts spent. Clicking on the country provides a deeper dive into the data – including factual details about the country, its development status and Cordaid’s engagement there, and a detailed description of each Cordaid project by type.

Roderick Besseling, Cordaid’s Open Data Coordinator, says, “IATI has allowed us to create a website automatically populated by Cordaid’s activity file, which serves as an information platform for both our stakeholders and for Cordaid staff. We see IATI as both a communication and strategic tool, where programmatic decisions can be made based on our own data and that of others. IATI has the opportunity to replace annual reports with on-demand customizable reporting, depending on the needs of the stakeholder.”