Common Standard implementation schedules coming in

  • Jan. 7, 2013

Stakeholders in Busan resolved to make information on development co-operation and other development resources better available and publicly accessible. They set out to implement a common, open standard for electronic publication of timely, comprehensive and forward-looking information on resources for development co-operation by the end of 2015. By December 2012 they aimed to agree on this standard and publish their respective schedules to implement it.

Since this agreement a common standard implementation schedule was developed and provided to Busan stakeholders for completion.

As we approach the close of 2012, the IATI Secretariat is pleased to see so many of these stakeholders, particularly IATI signatories, submitting their completed common standard implementation schedules.

Some of the schedules from key donors submitted this week include the Asian Development Bank, Canada’s CIDA, the European Commission and the United States.

For your viewing convenience, implementation schedules are being posted to a basic website as they are received. There may be minor delays in posting schedules to this list over the holiday season but please do revisit the list in the New Year for all schedules received by the end 2012 deadline.

What happens next?

Implementation schedules are intended to be evolving documents that countries/organisations can refine and improve as policy decisions on what to publish are debated and internal systems and processes develop.

In the New Year, the DCD and IATI will engage with all of those who have submitted common standard implementation schedules to discuss the various publishing approaches being taken and timing/level of improvements planned.

In a blog post on 20 December, Publish What You Fund made some general observations in relation to the published schedules at that stage and state that they will be undertaking detailed analysis. Read their blog post.

Background on the common standard

Find out more about work toward a common standard for aid information here.