Briefing: Tracking climate action with IATI

  • Dec. 4, 2023

COP 28

During the UN Climate Change Conference - United Arab Emirates (COP28), IATI has released a briefing detailing what IATI data is available on climate action.

What data is available on climate action?

As of 30 November 2023, IATI data is available (at from 219 organisations who marked their development and humanitarian activities as targeting climate change mitigation and/or adaptation. There are 33,340 activities marked as targeting climate adaptation and 25,353 marked as targeting climate mitigation

IATI data on Climate Action 20 Nov 2023

Data available from on 30 November 2023

Which organisations publish IATI data?

IATI encourages all organisations working to address international development and humanitarian crises to publish IATI data, and mark those of their activities that are targeting climate action using specific policy markers.

Top 10 orgs publishing climate action IATI data

Data available from on 30 November 2023

Start exploring IATI data using our online tools:

  • - one of simplest ways of searching IATI data. Here you can search specifically for activities targeting climate mitigation and / or adaptation by selecting them from the filter called ‘Policy Marker’.
  • County Development Finance Data Tool (CDFD) - great for visualising and analysing development finance published to IATI data by country / region.
  • IATI Datastore - undertake more complex searches of IATI data. Query ALL data fields published in the IATI Standard. API available.

For support to publish and/or access IATI data, please reach out to the IATI Secretariat: [email protected].

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