AidStream users – we’re here to help

  • May 13, 2016

This post is written by Anjesh Tuladhar at Young Innovations, who developed and currently manages the IATI publishing tool, AidStream.

Last month, we upgraded our IATI publishing tool, AidStream, with a great new look and excellent new features. We’re delighted with the positive feedback that we have received from many AidStream users on our changes.

Get in touch if you need help

We want to encourage users to contact our friendly AidStream staff on [email protected] with suggestions on how we can improve, and if you experience any difficulties when publishing your IATI data.

Your issues are our priority

Over the last month we have responded to users’ issues and worked hard to overcome a few difficulties that you have experienced. These included:

  • Enabling users to sort lists of activities, results and transactions
  • Stopping AidStream from incorrectly requiring information in fields that were not mandatory according to the IATI Standard
  • Making initial improvements to the Location page
  • Providing error messages with useful information to support those having difficulties with using the CSV template to upload transactions

A few issues we’re currently fixing

Here are the issues that we are still working on and encourage you to get in touch if you experience any of the following:

  • Missing data – some users have noticed that data is missing, which we’ve worked over the last few weeks to fix. If you notice missing data, don’t worry, your data is safe and we will work with you to ensure it reappears on your account.  
  • Error (or validation) messages – from June, error messages that prompt you to correct your data will be clearer and easier to understand, allowing you to fix your data yourself (without needing to contact us for technical support). In the meantime, if you receive an error message that you do not understand, please contact us at [email protected] for help.
  • Duplicate activities in the IATI registry – we are enforcing a few restrictions to prevent users from duplicating their organisation’s activities in the IATI Registry, when publishing them through AidStream. In the meantime, if you notice that your activities appear more than once in the IATI Registry, please get in contact with us.

Our roadmap for the future

At AidStream, we are committed to investing in the future of our IATI publishing tool and have a long-term plan to continue improving users’ experience of publishing IATI data. Our team are working hard to deliver improvements in the near future including to AidStream’s CSV Importer feature, the overall display of activity pages, adding an XML view and download function for all activities, and providing a changelog to record your changes to activities.

We look forward to working with all of our AidStream users to develop and deliver our roadmap for the future.