African Development Bank launches MapAfrica to map its investments across the continent

  • May 22, 2014

IATI steering committee member, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has launched a new interactive platform that maps the locations of their investments in Africa. MapAfrica is a new geocoding tool that aims to better communicate results to the Bank’s stakeholders. Developed in partnership with AidData, it is hoped that MapAfrica will enable the Bank to improve resource allocation and enable others to understand the Bank’s activities and their impact on development.

MapAfrica – English version from Africa Interactive on Vimeo.

MapAfrica users can navigate through AfDB projects by country, sector, by project approval year or simply by zooming into a specific region or country. MapAfrica is more than just maps: by clicking on a project location you will find out how much the AfDB is investing but also how this project is having an impact on people lives.

The Bank is hopeful that MapAfrica will help them to plan interventions more effectively by understanding where the gaps are and what other donors are already working on. Geocoding will also offer a powerful tool to close the feedback loop by allowing beneficiaries and other stakeholders to share their views on the Bank’s activities.