Registering and managing your organisation account

Find out how to register as a publisher with IATI, how to create and update your IATI organisation details, and how to manage your IATI Registry accounts.

In this section:

How to register with IATI

To publish data to IATI you need an approved IATI Registry publisher account, which you set up from your user account. Follow these steps to create your IATI Registry accounts.

To publish data to IATI you need...

How to create your IATI organisation identifier

All IATI publishers are identified by their unique code, the IATI Org ID. You can create your IATI Org ID by following the steps on this page.

All IATI publishers are identifi...

How to manage your IATI Registry accounts

Over time it’s likely that staff changes and other developments in your organisation mean you’ll need to update the details in your IATI Registry user account and publisher account.

Over time it’s likely that staff...

How to update your organisation details

The IATI Standard recognises that organisation details change over time. This page covers the key changes that organisations may need to make.

The IATI Standard recognises tha...