Activity information

Data about what development and humanitarian work your organisation does is at the heart of IATI. This section explains how we define an activity, what details you can give about it, and what key data you need to get started.

In this section:

How is an 'activity' defined?

An 'activity' is the IATI name given to any piece of work an organisation does. Any development cooperation or humanitarian work you do can count as an activity.

All the activity information you can publish

As an IATI publisher you should increase the quality of your data over time, adding in more elements to better describe your work. This page gives the full list of top-level elements you can include.

Key activity information to publish

IATI calls each piece of work done by your organisation an ‘activity’. Each activity can be described through ‘elements’ that record different details about it. We recommend you start by publishing the elements listed here.