Full list of top-level elements in IATIΒΆ

The table below lists all of the elements that can be included in your publishing to IATI. This includes all of the mandatory and recommended elements outlined in What to Publish.

One publishing approach is to start with the mandatory and recommended (minimum) elements, and then build up over time. Each element you include will increase the comprehensiveness of your data and will help people to understand the work you are carrying out.

List of top-level elements
Topic Element Mandatory Recommended (minimum)
Identification IATI Identifier Yes Yes
  Reporting Org Yes Yes
  Other Identifier    
Basic Activity Information Title Yes Yes
  Description Yes Yes
  Activity Status Yes Yes
  Activity Date Yes Yes
  Contact Info    
  Activity Scope    
Participating Organisations Participating Org Yes Yes
Geopolitical Information Recipient Country   Yes
  Or, Recipient Region   Yes
Classifications Sector Yes Yes
  Policy Marker    
  Collaboration Type    
  Default Flow Type    
  Default Finance Type    
  Default Aid Type    
  Default Tied Status    
  Country Budget Items    
Humanitarian Humanitarian Scope    
Financial Budget   Yes
  Transactions   Yes
  Planned Disbursement    
  Capital Spend    
Related Documents Document Link    
Relations Related Activity    
  Legacy Data    
Performance Conditions    
OECD Reporting CRS-add