This is the reference page for the XML element narrative. See also the relevant overview page: Classifications


The description of a sector defined by the reporting organisation. (Only to be used when the reporting organisation’s own vocabulary is being used).


The text in this element must be of type xsd:string.

This element may occur any number of times.



ISO 639-1 code specifying the language of text in this element. If a default language is specified in the iati-activity element it does not have to be repeated here.

This value must be on the Language codelist.

Example Usage

The narrative child element can be used to declare freetext for the sector element.

The narrative element should be used specially when the 99 (Reporting Organisation) or 98 (Reporting Organisation 2) SectorVocabulary are declared.
<sector vocabulary="99" code="1">
        <narrative>Health Sector</narrative>
The narrative element can be repeated for any language additional to the default language set in iati-activity, by using the @xml:lang attribute. Example not shown.



The narrative element was introduced in 2.01.

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Last updated on 2015-12-07