IATI Studio is launched

Please note: As of January 2019 IATI Studio is no longer available. For further information, please contact Zimmerman: zimmerman.team/

  • June 8, 2016

This post is written by Siem Vaessen,  IATI Studio CEO, at Zimmerman & Zimmerman, an open data and data visualisation company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

At Zimmerman & Zimmerman, we are delighted to announce that IATI Studio has been officially launched.

IATI Studio will allow organisations and their users to combine and compare IATI data for further analysis and visualisation. As a first, IATI Studio offers a dedicated Chart Builder, which provides a simple interface to help you create interactive charts based on IATI data. This way, non-technical users can easily master working with IATI Studio, start mixing data and engage a broader community.

An increase of IATI data publishers provides new opportunities to support sustainable development. Using these new sources will create new insights and knowledge. With the expected increase of new organisations publishing to IATI, IATI Studio will bring about a major benefit to all stakeholders involved.

By providing a common toolbox for the IATI Standard, IATI data will become available for reuse by potentially everyone inside and out of the international aid transparency community. This will amplify the reach of IATI data and can act as a driver for the international development community as a whole, providing not just transparency and accountability, but a strong foundation for future reuse and deeper understanding of IATI data.

IATI data-engine and API

IATI Studio extracts over 4,476 data sets covering to date billions of dollars of aid related information published in the IATI format, and provides users access to easy online tools to interact with all of that aid data. It promotes accountability and transparency on a global and local level and aims to provide in-depth analysis of where the money goes and who spent the money on what.

IATI Studio is built on top of the OIPA  data-engine which extracts all published IATI XML files from the IATI Registry. This data-engine is available as open-source software.

If you are interested in using IATI Studio just sign-in and start building your own charts or contact me directly with any questions you may have regarding your data-portal or project.

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