What do I need to publish?ΒΆ

Publishing to IATI means you are telling a story about the work your organisation does. For this you break your work down into activities, these could be your programmes or projects. For each activity you detail what the work is, where and when it is happening, who is involved and how it is being financed etc. Further detail can then be added e.g. geographic co-ordinates, results information, document links and policy markers. The IATI technical team recommends that you start by adding the details (in the form of elements) below:

Topic Element Mandatory (at v2.x) Recommended
Identification IATI Identifier Yes Yes
  Reporting Org Yes Yes
Basic Activity Information Title Yes Yes
  Description Yes Yes
  Activity Status Yes Yes
  Activity Date Yes Yes
Participating Organisations Participating Org Yes Yes
Geopolitical Information Recipient Country   Yes
  Or, Recipient Region   Yes
Classifications Sector Yes Yes
Financial Budget   Yes
  Transactions   Yes

Please note that elements only became mandatory at version 2.0 of the IATI Standard. If you are publishing at version 1.x then these elements are still recommended.

A full table of elements that can be reported in IATI is available here:

If you receive funding from DFID, the Dutch or Belgian government you will have additional reporting requirements, for information on these please go to the following pages: